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About DCS (Descale and Chlorination Services) Ltd

contact us nowEstablished in 1988, we are now at the forefront of the Water Treatment Industry. Being based in the East Midlands means we are ideally situated to attend any site within the UK.

We understand the importance of minimal disruption to any business, therefore we aim to accomodate the client's requirements at all times. We are members of the Legionella Control Association.

Our Clients

Our Client base spans across the UK ranging from a residential home in Scotland and a pottery manufacturer in Stoke to a Brickworks in Dover. Over the years we have developed a professional working relationship with our clients, priding ourselves on our vast knowledge gained over 20 years trading within this specialized field of the water industry.

lcaOur Certificate of Registration

We are registered with the Legionella Control Association.


The History of DCS
By Steve Gregory, Director

Descale and Chlorination Services Ltd is the full trading name of our family based company, it has been trading for twenty five years in 2013.

1988 - DCS is founded by George Arthur Gregory

Our father George Arthur Gregory (everyone knew him as Arthur as his father was also called George) was the founder of the company. He had the foresight to create the company, which was a big step to take when he had a family to feed and a mortgage to pay, not only this but he had also suffered from a heart attack only 6 months earlier.

Mum and myself, have been part of the business from the beginning. It was my job to help with all tasks which were presented to me. I wasn’t always confident with them being so young, but my father had faith in the training he had provided for me and that I would carry out a good job.

Mum’s job was all aspects of the administration from answering the phone to invoicing. As at that time all phone calls were mostly taken via the office and relayed to us when we rang in from site.

When I was at college I passed my driving test at 17 years, within a couple of months Dad was teaching me the art of driving into London, telling me to watch how the cabbies moved around lanes and pointed to where they wanted to go, and to learn from it. These days you can’t move for some form of enforcement camera or another.

"It was amazing when we got our first fixed in car mobile telephone which was with Vodafone,I still have the same number today for my mobile which Dad had all them years ago."

It made our lives so much easier, soon after we had the mobile telephone roaming device which was like carrying a brick around due to the size of the battery!

After a few years as the company was growing Daniel joined the team and with great vigour soon made his mark. 

1998 - The sudden death of George Gregory

My Father died suddenly after a short illness, 14 years ago. Our lives were thrown into turmoil; at 12.30am we were mourning our father and at 8.30am I was telephoning all clients most of whom had close ties with dad. I managed to compose myself enough to be strong for the family but also to cope with talking to clients without breaking down. 

Needless to say everybody was very saddened by our loss but also very understanding with the work which had been put on hold for a couple of weeks.

After the funeral, Daniel and myself got to grips with where we were within the business and gave ourselves a year to see how things would progress! Thirteen years later and we are still here going strong and moving forward.

DCS expands

The business was run from home for a number of years until we outgrew it, we then moved into temporary accommodation whilst our new business unit was being built. Today we still run from the unit and are slowly out growing this.

We used to carry out a lot of Descaling work hence the name in the early days but have slowly moved away from this concentrating on water hygiene and remedial works.

The water hygiene department has developed very successfully based on the high quality of service. A large number of the clients were initially gained when the company was first set up and are still trading with us today.

Services we provide

The services our water hygiene department can provide are, risk assessment, schematic drawing, remedial works to rectify any issues found as part of an assessment, maintenance and inspection of systems, Water Softener supply and service and emergency response to site based problems. DCS can provide each of the service requirements but believe that added value can be achieved by covering all requirements under one umbrella, to provide the opportunity to group tasks which will help reduce travel / non–productive time.

Our relationship with clients

DCS take all steps necessary to meet and exceed their clients expectations. The quality of service to our clients is the main driving force behind our business and it is this which differentiates DCS Water Hygiene from other service providers.

DCS recognise that the success of a contractual relationship is often dictated by the effective communication channels that are established in the initial stages of the contract period. The provision of management information and review within a periodic meeting is an essential element of addressing issues from either side before they become problems. Within a number of contractual relationships this has been the catalyst for the implementing of a partnership.

We are keen to develop client relationships which will operate throughout the contract, a level of trust and honesty is employed, with all staff being vetted by CRB.

Our staff

We are also dedicated to providing training for all of our staff to maintain a high level of competence.

Thanks to everyone who helped supported and believed in our family to get where we are today.

Especially thanks to Dad.


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Descale and Chlorination Services Limited
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