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Case Studies

We have set out a number of case studies below demonstrating the range of work we have carried out.

Water System upgrade

We were contracted to carry out a Risk assessment on a water system at a large Fabrication company in the UK. Water samples were also taken from various parts of the water system and analysed in the lab.

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Fitting of taps to GRP Tank

swWe fitted some taps to the outside of a GRP tank which made it much easier for the client to draw water from the tank.

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Barrow-in-Furness Legionella outbreak

dThe worst outbreak of Legionnaires Disease in the UK killed 7 people and infected 172 others. The cause was traced to a contaminated cooling tower

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Legionella Bacteria eradicated from water tank - Case Study

DCS dealt with Legionella bacteria found within the hot water system of a residential building.

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Legionnella in a Leisure Centre

A leisure centre was closed while isolated areas were disinfected after it emerged that a technician had been diagnosed with Legionnaires disease. This case study sets out the issues faced by the client

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Victorian Well Cleaned out

dSituated on an Abbey site, this Victorian Well, which was still in use, required a thorough clean out!

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Legionella discovered in cooling towers at Bulmer

bulmer logoBulmer, the cider manufacturers, admitted responsibility for the Legionnaires' disease outbreak which led to 2 deaths and 20 people contracting the disease.

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