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Challenger 6400 MV Mains Incubator

contact us nowDeveloped around our proven temperature control technology, the Challenger provides laboratory standard incubation for microbiological and chemical reagent testing.

VERSATILE | The 6400 Series is available in 2 models. the DM for mains 220 - 240v (110 to order) or the MV, with the added facility of 12v operation via a vehicle cigar lighter socket. A convenient feature of both the DM & MV is the integrated power supply - this means no additional, bulky transformer is required for mains use. Both incubators are supplied with a spirit thermometer and power cable ready for use!

QUALITY AND RELIABILITY | Unlike other current mini - incubators, the Challenger 6400 Series, features true solid state temperature control with no mechanical thermostat or contacts. This ensures long term reliability, and compliance with all relevant radiation interference legislation & directives.

As with our other incubators, electronic and mechanical safety protection shuts down the unit in the unlikely event of overheating.

EFFICIENT | A unique standard feature of the Challenger 6400 Series is the heat reservoir chassis, providing even heat distribution and rapid heat recovery to set temperature. This is a great advantage when large volume liquid loads need to be brought to temperature quickly to ensure accurate results.

STYLISH AND ROBUST | The tough moulded case and shatterproof polycarbonate lid are easy to wipe clean and the ergonomic location of the controls under the lid avoids the risk of accidental adjustment whilst the unit is in operation. Connectors for power cables and associated fuses are located on a convenient panel at the rear of the incubator

challenger incubator


6400 DM
Supply: 220-240v(110-120v)AC
Power rating: 64 Watts
Weight: 1.9kg
Temperature Control: Proportional Electronic
Temperature Range: Ambient +5 to 45º C +/- 0.5º C
Chamber Size: 18 x 18 x 15 cm (5.2 Litres)
External Size: Both 26 x 32 x 27 cm
Guarantee: 2 Years
6400 MV
Supply: 12v DC & 220-240v(110-120v)AC
Power rating: 52 Watts
Weight: 2.8kg
Temperature Control: Solid State Bi-polar
Temperature Range: Ambient +5 to 45º C +/- 0.5º C
Chamber Size: 18 x 18 x 15 cm (5.2 Litres)
External Size: Both 26 x 32 x 27 cm
Guarantee: 2 Years

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