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Ranger II Portable Mains & 12v Dipslide incubator

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The Ranger II is designed for both field and static applications. Offering laboratory standard Incubation from a mains supply or 12v cigarette lighter car socket. The Ranger is fully integrated – this means no additional transformer or mains adaptor is required, the choice of mains or 12v operation is just a matter of selecting the cable as supplied

The ranger features our new generation SSC2 control circuit, elements are switched with a Darlington transistor array – this means no relay or moving contacts to fail.

Setting up is simple – Quickset reference points at 30°C & 37°C are provided around the temperature control and an easy to read spirit thermometer is supplied for fixing in chamber as required. Mains & 12v cables included. The Ranger II has a conditional 24 month warranty.

Fast and accurate results

The Ranger features our Heat Reservoir Chassis technology – by surrounding the chamber with a precision aluminium chassis we ensure superb and even heat distribution without a fan! The chassis also stores thermal inertia so liquid loads (such as the coliform tests available) are brought up to temperature quickly, this offers faster & more accurate results – way ahead of any similar products at this price. The efficient design ensures drain on the vehicle battery, whilst on 12v supply is kept to a minimum, typical 12v consumption is 2 amps (24w) on a 50% load cycle = 1AH (typical)

Specifications - Ranger 1700


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