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Cooling Tower Cleaning

We work on the following systems :

- Cold water storage tanks
- Cooling towers
- Evaporative condensers
- Domestic water tanks/ systems
- Calorifiers and water heaters
- Air handling units
- System pipework

Where the Cooling Tower is in use only during the summer the system must be cleaned and disinfected immediately prior to it being put back into use. Cooling towers serving air conditioning units are generally cleaned bi-annually (normally once in spring and again in autumn), although this will depend on localized conditions such as dusty surroundings or poor water quality feeding the towers.

Is your Cooling Tower 'Legionella Free'?

In order to ensure your Cooling Tower is 'legionella free', our engineers will carry out a full strip and clean down of all packing filter/strainers etc in accordance with the Helath & Safety Executive ACOP L8 and CIBSE TM13 .

A full pre and post chlorination is also required.

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