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Water Tank and system refurbishment

We work on the following systems :

- Cold water storage tanks
- Cooling towers
- Evaporative condensers
- Domestic water tanks/ systems
- Calorifiers and water heaters
- Air handling units
- System pipework

Descale and Chlorination Services Ltd are able to undertake the cleaning and refurbishment of a wide variety of water systems and associated pipe work with a minimum of disruption to your business. If water systems or cooling towers are left neglected, there is a risk that bacteria such as legionella will proliferate leading to the spread of disease and a breach of current Health & Safety legislation.

Why carry out refurbishment?

It is often much more cost effective to refurbish a water tank than to replace it. We are able to employ various methods which will ensure the system is compliant with current regulations:

Are your water tanks a breeding ground for organisms?

Ongoing water hygiene monitoring

Once refurbished, we recommend tanks are regularly monitored and, if necessary, cleaned and disinfected following our risk management programme.

Examples of previous tank refurbishment projects undertaken